ST Nucleo H745ZI

Dual core support

It is recommended to use CMake to build firmware consisting of multiple images. The commands to build nsh_xxx_rptun configurations are as follows:

cmake -B build_h7m7 -DBOARD_CONFIG=nucleo-h745zi:nsh_cm7_rptun -GNinja
cmake -B build_h7m4 -DBOARD_CONFIG=nucleo-h745zi:nsh_cm4_rptun -GNinja

cmake --build build_h7m7
cmake --build build_h7m4

Serial Console

The STLINK virtual console uses Serial Port 3 (USART3) with TX on PD8 and RX on PD9 and is used by the Cortex-M7 core by default.

VCOM Signal






Access to the Cortex-M4 core can be achieved using an additional UART port or via RPMSG UART by setting CONFIG_RPMSG_UART_CONSOLE=y in CM4 configuration.

If the RPMSG UART console is enabled, we can connect to it from CM7 using cu:

nsh-cm7> cu -l /dev/ttyproxy
NuttShell (NSH) NuttX-10.4.0


Support for the board was tested using an external JLink interface. Openocd with built-in ST-LINK didn’t work well.

Image flashing was accomplished using JFlashLiteExe, with the device set to STM32H745ZI_M7.