NXP/Freescale i.MX6

The basic port has been completed for the following i.MX6 board:

  • Sabre-6Quad. This is a port to the NXP/Freescale Sabre-6Quad board. Refer to the NuttX board README file for further information.

    STATUS: The basic, minimal port is code complete and introduced in NuttX-7.15, but had not yet been tested at that time due to the inavailability of hardware. This basic port was verified in the NuttX-7.16 release, however. The port is still minimal and more device drivers are needed to make the port usable.

    Basic support of NuttX running in SMP mode on the i.MX6Q was also accomplished in NuttX-7.16. However, there are still known issues with SMP support on this platform as described in the README file for the board.

Supported Boards