ON Semiconductor LC823450

(Dual core ARM Cortex-M3). In NuttX-7.22, Masayuki Ishikawa contributed support for both the LC823450 architecture and for ON Semiconductor’s LC823450XGEVK board:

The LC823450XGEVK is an audio processing system Evaluation Board Kit used to demonstrate the LC823450. This part can record and playback, and offers High-Resolution 32-bit & 192 kHz audio processing capability. It is possible to cover most of the functions necessary for a portable audio with only this LSI as follows. It has Dual CPU and DSP with High processing capability, and internal 1656K-Byte SRAM, which make it possible to implement large scale program. And it has integrated analog functions (low-power Class D HP amplifier, PLL, ADC etc.) so that PCB space and cost is reduced, and it has various interface (USB, SD, SPI, UART, etc.) to make extensibility high. Also it is provided with various function including SBC/AAC codec by DSP and UART and ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter) for Bluetooth® audio. It is very small chip size in spite of the multi-funciton as described above and it realizes the low power consumption. Therefore, it is applicable to portable audio markets such as Wireless headsets and will show high performance.

Further information about the LC823450XGEVK is available on from the the ON Semiconductor website as are LC823450 related technical documents. Refer to the NuttX board README file for details of the NuttX port.

This port is intended to test LC823450 features including SMP. Supported peripherals include UART, TIMER, RTC, GPIO, DMA, I2C, SPI, LCD, eMMC, and USB device. ADC, Watchdog, IPC2, and I2S support was added by Masayuki Ishikawa in NuttX-7.23. Bluetooth, SPI, and PROTECTED build support were added by Masayuki Ishikawa in NuttX-7.26. Support for for SPI flash boot was added in NuttX-7.28.

Supported Boards