Allwinner A10

These following boards are based on the Allwinner A10 have are supported by NuttX:

  • pcDuino v1. A port of NuttX to the pcDuino v1 board was first released in NuttX-6.33. See for information about pcDuino Lite, v1, and v2 boards. These boards are based around the Allwinner A10 Cortex-A8 CPU. This port was developed on the v1 board, but the others may be compatible:

    Refer to the NuttX board README file for further information.

    STATUS. This port was an experiment was was not completely developed. This configuration builds and runs an NuttShell (NSH), but only if a patch to work around some issues is applied. While not ready for “prime time”, the pcDuino port is functional and could the basis for a more extensive development. There is, at present, no work in progress to extend this port, however.

Supported Boards