Nordic nRF52 IEEE 802.15.4


This driver is highly experimental. Help with development and testing will be appreciated ;)

Supported features:

  • frame transmission

  • frame reception and filtering

  • immediate ACK (incoming and outgoing)

  • promiscuous mode

  • delayed transmision

  • radio events trace

  • setting pending bit for all incoming Data Request frames

  • un-slotted CSMA-CA

Work in progres features (some logic is present, but they require more work):

  • beacon transmision (periodic transmition works, but requires verification)

  • slotted CSMA-CA

  • GTS

Fetures not implemented:

  • enhanced ACK (Enh-ACK)

  • enhanced beacon

  • low power mode

  • advanced features from IEEE 802.15.4e (DSME, TSCH)

Reserved peripherals

This implementation reserves the following peripherals:

  • RADIO - used for radio operations

  • TIMER0 - used as high resolution timer for ACK, IFS and other radio delays

  • RTC0 - if superframe support is enabled, used as low power timer to hande superframe events