Sony CXD56xx

(6 x ARM Cortex-M4)

Support for the CXD56xx was introduced by Nobuto Kobayashi in NuttX-7.30.

Sony Spresence. Spresense is a compact development board based on Sony’s power-efficient multicore microcontroller CXD5602. Basic support for the Sony Spresense board was included in the contribution of Nobuto Kobayashi in NuttX-7.30. NOTE: That was an initial, bare bones basic Spresense port sufficient for running a NuttShell (NSH) and should not be confused with the full Spresence SDK offered from Sony. Since then there has been much development of the NuttX CXD56xx port.


  • Integrated GPS: Embedded GNSS with support for GPS, QZSS.

  • Hi-res audio output and multi mic inputs” Advanced 192kHz/24 bit audio codec and amplifier for audio output, and support for up to 8 mic input channels.

  • Multicore microcontroller: Spresense is powered by Sony’s CXD5602 microcontroller (ARM® Cortex®-M4F × 6 cores), with a clock speed of 156 MHz.

Driver Status:

NuttX-3.31. In this release, many new architectural features, peripheral drivers, and board configurations were contributed primarily through the work of Alin Jerpelea. These new architectural features include: Inter-core communications, power management, and clock management. New drivers include: GPIO, PMIC, USB, SDHC, SPI, I2C, DMA, RTC, PWM, Timers, Watchdog Timer, UID, SCU, ADC, eMMC, Camera CISIF, GNSS, and others.

NuttX-8.1. Alin Jerpelea brought in ten (external) sensor drivers that integrate through the CXD56xx’s SCU.

NuttX-8.2. Masayuki Ishikawa implemented SMP operation of the CX56Dxx parts. Alin Jerpelea: Added support for the Altair LTE modem support, enabled support for accelerated format converter, rotation and so on using the CXD5602 image processing accelerator, added ISX012 camera support, added audio and board audio control implementation, added an audio_tone_generator, added optional initialization of GNSS and GEOFENCE at boot if the drivers are enabled, added an lcd examples configuration.

Supported Boards