All TriCore source reside in lower-level common, chip-specific, and architecture-specific directories.

arch/tricore/src/common/ Directory

This directory holds source files common to all TriCore architectures.

Architecture-Specific Directories

Architecture-specific directories hold common source files shared for by implementations of specific TriCore architectures.


This directory holds logic appropriate for any instantiation of the 32-bit TriCore architecture.

Chip-Specific directories

For SoC chips, in particular, on-chip devices and differing interrupt structures may require special, chip-specific definitions in these chip- specific directories.

The core Chip implementation is based on Infineon Low Level Drivers (iLLDs). The unified API is more friendly to developers familiar with Infineon SDK/HAL. We can get more code examples on Infineon’s official Github: AURIX_code_examples


This is the implementation of NuttX on the Infineon’s AURIX™- TC3xx microcontroller family.