nuvoTon NUC120

This is a port of NuttX to the nuvoTon NuTiny-SDK-NUC120 that features the NUC120LE3AN MCU.

STATUS. Initial support for the NUC120 was released in NuttX-6.26. This initial support is very minimal: There is a NuttShell (NSH) configuration that might be the basis for an application development. As of this writing, more device drivers are needed to make this a more complete port. Refer to the NuttX board README file for further information.

Memory Usage. For a full-featured RTOS such as NuttX, providing support in a usable and meaningful way within the tiny memories of the NUC120 demonstrates the scalability of NuttX. The NUC120LE2AN comes in a 48-pin package and has 128KB FLASH and 16KB of SRAM. When running the NSH configuration (itself a full up application), there is still more than 90KB of FLASH and 10KB or SRAM available for further application development).

Static memory usage can be shown with size command:

NuttX, the NSH application, and GCC libraries use 34.2KB of FLASH leaving 93.8KB of FLASH (72%) free from additional application development. Static SRAM usage is about 1.2KB (<4%) and leaves 14.8KB (86%) available for heap at runtime. SRAM usage at run-time can be shown with the NSH free command:

You can see that 10.0KB (62%) is available for further application development.

Development Environments: 1) Linux with native Linux GNU toolchain, 2) Cygwin/MSYS with Cygwin GNU toolchain, 3) Cygwin/MSYS with Windows native toolchain, or 4) Native Windows. A DIY toolchain for Linux or Cygwin is provided by the NuttX buildroot package.

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