Running CI Test Locally

NuttX automatically runs continuous integration (CI) tests on simulator target when new pull request is submitted. To avoid the tests failing you can also run them locally on your computer prior to submiting new pull request. This page describes the step by step manual to do so.

Configuring NuttX

NuttX has a simulator target that allows the user to run NuttX as a regular program on a computer. The simulator target with CI test is configured and compiled followingly.

$ cd nuttx
$ ./tools/ sim:citest
$ make

Now you can run the simulator to check the configuration was successful.

$ ./nuttx
login: admin
password: Administrator

You should see NuttX shell with built in test applications. Now you can exit the simulator.

nsh> poweroff
$ # we're back at the Linux prompt.

Running CI Tests

Running CI tests locally requires Minicom and Python 3.6 or newer to be installed on the system. Other requirements can be installed with following set of commands.

$ cd tools/ci/testrun/env
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ cd ..
$ cd script

Now you have everything prepared to run CI tests. The tests themself are run by following command.

$ python3 -m pytest -m 'common or sim' ./ -B sim -P nuttx-path -L log-path -R sim -C --json=log-path/pytest.json

Where nuttx-path is an absolute path to NuttX root directory and log-path is a user defined directory to which tests log are saved.