Apache NuttX Downloads

Apache NuttX is released as two source artifacts one for the OS and another for the integrated Apps.

Release Artifacts

Version Summary Archive SHA-512 Signature Release Date
10.1.0 Release v10.1.0 OS/Apps OS/Apps OS/Apps 2021-05-26
9.1.1 Release v9.1.1 OS/Apps OS/Apps OS/Apps 2020-12-08
10.0.1 Release v10.0.1 OS/Apps OS/Apps OS/Apps 2020-12-08
10.0.0 Release v10.0.0 OS/Apps OS/Apps OS/Apps 2020-12-03
9.1.0 Release v9.1.0 OS/Apps OS/Apps OS/Apps 2020-07-22
9.0.0 Release v9.0.0 OS/Apps OS/Apps OS/Apps 2020-05-11

Choose a source distribution in tar.gz format, and verify using the corresponding pgp signature (using the committer file in KEYS). If you cannot do that, the sha512 hash file may be used to check that the download has completed OK.

For fast downloads, current source distributions are hosted on mirror servers.

For security, hash and signature files are always hosted at Apache.

All releases below are from prior to Apache NuttX's acceptance into the Incubator. They are not Apache Software Foundation releases, and are licensed primarily under the BSD-3-Clause license . See COPYING file for more details on a specific releases licensing.
Version Summary Archive Release Date
8.2 Release v8.2 OS/Apps 2019-11-16
8.1 Release v8.1 OS/Apps 2019-09-25
7.31 Release v7.31 OS/Apps 2019-07-27
7.3 Release v7.30 OS/Apps 2019-05-23
7.29 Release v7.29 OS/Apps 2019-04-26
7.28 Release v7.28 OS/Apps 2019-02-25
7.27 Release v7.27 OS/Apps 2019-01-08
7.26 Release v7.26 OS/Apps 2019-01-08
7.25 Release v7.25 OS/Apps 2018-06-28
7.24 Release v7.24 OS/Apps 2018-03-04
7.23 Release v7.23 OS/Apps 2018-01-01
7.22 Release v7.22 OS/Apps 2017-09-20
7.21 Release v7.21 OS/Apps 2017-06-16
7.2 Release v7.20 OS/Apps 2017-03-09
7.19 Release v7.19 OS/Apps 2017-02-02
7.18 Release v7.18 OS/Apps 2016-10-08
7.17 Release v7.17 OS/Apps 2016-08-27
7.16 Release v7.16 OS/Apps 2016-06-01
7.15 Release v7.15 OS/Apps 2016-03-26
7.14 Release v7.14 OS/Apps 2016-01-28
7.13 Release v7.13 OS/Apps 2016-01-28