Apache NuttX-12.5.1 Release Notes

What’s New In This Release

Major Changes to Core OS Bug Fixes sched

  • #12062 sched/SMP: Fix returning uninitialized variable in nxsched_add_readytorun()


  • #12068 mm/kmap.h: fix typo in comments

Architectural Support Bug Fixes

  • #12073 all: Fix accessing uninitialized local variables


  • #12071 arch/arm/am335x: Fix incorrect signedness of variable
  • #12072 arch/arm/s32k3xx: Fix incorrect check for invalid port or pin number
  • #12098 arch/arm/stm32h7/fdcan: fixed kconfig and debug register
  • #12099 arch/arm/stm32h7/stm32_i2c: fix sending large data over i2c
  • #12070 arch/arm/stm32h7: Serial Fix Logic error in up_dma_txavailable risc-v
  • #12069 arch/risc-v/esp32[c3 c6 h2]: Fix filesystem test support
  • #12061 arch/risc-v/espressif: Fix empty cpuint number Xtensa
  • #12065 arch/xtensa/esp32s3: Fix one page program span over 2 pages

Driver Support Bug Fixes

  • #12074 drivers/net/lan9250: Fix crash issue of sending packets by lan9250 driver
  • #12066 drivers/video/isx019: Fix the default_value of some parameters

Board Support Bug Fixes

  • #12060 boards: Fix board configs after disabling NSH_DISABLE_HELP


  • #12063 boards/arm/rp2040: Fix build errors for nshsram configurations
  • #12064 boards/arm/raspberrypi-pico: Fix nshsram build error

Networking Bug Fixes

  • #12097 net: Fix max conn always one less than configured value