Apache NuttX

Apache NuttX is a mature, real-time embedded operating system (RTOS).

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Apache NuttX

NuttX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) with an emphasis on standards compliance and small footprint. Scalable from 8-bit to 64-bit microcontroller environments, the primary governing standards in NuttX are Posix and ANSI standards. Additional standard APIs from Unix and other common RTOS’s (such as VxWorks) are adopted for functionality not available under these standards, or for functionality that is not appropriate for deeply-embedded environments (such as fork()).


Extensive documentation can be found here.

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Try the online demo here.

Community Events

International Workshop 2024

The Apache NuttX International Workshop is organized every year. You can attend online or in person for free. This year we meet on 13-14 Jun 2024 at Sony Office, Tokyo, Japan. See you there!

Please visit events website for more details. You can join the event at LinkedIn. Call For Papers is now open!

The scope of the workshop is the Apache Nuttx® Real Time Operating System, the tools used for its design, development, deployment, debugging, and maintenance, the applications that use it, and the hardware on which it typically runs. The target audience is embedded systems practitioners across both industry and academia.