Apache NuttX-12.2.1 Release Notes

What’s New In This Release

Changes to Core OS sched

  • #9723 {BP-9631} sched/pthread: fix race condition on pthread_cond_wait()


  • #9719 {BP-9716} libc: Fix Deadloop in VFS if CONFIG_CANCELLATION_POINTS is enabled
  • #9730 {BP-9611} libc: Minor fix for pwd
  • #9733 {BP-9626} libc/aio: fix aio_error compatible bug
  • #9729 {BP-9664} libc/aio/lio_listio: fix the heap use-after-free bug

Changes to the Build System Improvements

  • #9720 {BP-9673} Revert “tools: Fix CONFIG_BASE_DEFCONFIG generation” 

Architectural Support Improvements

  • #9732 {BP-9621} arch/arm/cxd56xx/cxd56_dmac, lcd_dev: fix null pointer dereference
  • #9725 {BP-9697} arch/arm/cxd56xx: Fix bug when watchdog restart
  • #9728 {BP-9711} arch/arm/stm32/stm32_rtcounter.c: up_rtc_initialize Possible s…
  • #9727 {BP-9700} arch/armv8-m/arm_secure_irq.c: fix writing to the NVIC_AIRCR register
  • #9722 {BP-9649} arch/arm/stm32f0l0g0: Fix gpio outputs from being configured as interrupts in stm32f0l0g0
  • #9721 {BP-9658} arch/xtensa/esp32s2: Fix UART1 default pins

Driver Support Improvements

  • #9724 {BP-9613} drivers/sensors/apds9960.c: Fix resource leak in error handling
  • #9726 {BP-9692} drivers/video/isx01x: Fix system clock to HV mode

Board Support Improvements

  • #9734 {BP-9713} boards/arm/cxd56xx/alt1250: Change power on sequence

File System Improvements 

  • #9731 {BP-9615} fs/fat: Fix undefined behavior in signed integer overflow check