I2C Device Drivers

  • include/nuttx/i2c/i2c.h. All structures and APIs needed to work with I2C drivers are provided in this header file.

  • struct i2c_ops_s. Each I2C device driver must implement an instance of struct i2c_ops_s. That structure defines a call table with the following methods:

  • Binding I2C Drivers. I2C drivers are not normally directly accessed by user code, but are usually bound to another, higher level device driver. In general, the binding sequence is:

    1. Get an instance of struct i2c_master_s from the hardware-specific I2C device driver, and

    2. Provide that instance to the initialization method of the higher level device driver.

  • Examples: arch/z80/src/ez80/ez80_i2c.c, arch/z80/src/z8/z8_i2c.c, etc.