Apache NuttX-9.1.0 Release Notes

This is the second release of NuttX as Apache NuttX (Incubating).

Note that release consists of two tarballs: apache-nuttx-9.1.0-incubating.tar.gz and apache-nuttx-apps-9.1.0-incubating.tar.gz. These are available from:


Both may be needed (see the top-level nuttx/README.txt file for build information). SHA512 checksums:

39011fcecca399f497da9a17eb71d3da97341808f0527314e5ccdb3c4813d8a971f999f1c56d1adc530e57d48270cceeb0543b3bd0a6ef15dcb7ea1abf2a6988  apache-nuttx-9.1.0-incubating.tar.gz
6a3fa9f0a13b85a6bf56070389d0d4737f8e976efd4238daff4a2c1cf131c7e084dea6e315333f2584a8b170daca605ea59b084fc909e50d11d37d1df9546c30  apache-nuttx-apps-9.1.0-incubating.tar.gz
  • Major Changes to Core OS:
    • New Features:
      • PR-977 PR-987 PR-998 PR-995 PR-997 PR-1007 Thread Local Storage (TLS) is now a required feature and used by all architectures There is detailed information on the implementation and how this impacts errno specifically in the Wiki article: Userspace errno and TLS
      • PR-957 PR-947 PR-963 PR-969 Provide nx_ versions of many functions that are used internally to avoid disrupting errno in userspace
      • PR-965 PR-980 PR-984 ioctl is now always in the variadic form. Syscalls in KERNEL builds are also more efficient with this as well now. Previously the ioctl prototype was normally defined as:

        int ioctl(int fd, int cmd, unsigned long arg);

        unless the CONFIG_LIBC_IOCTL_VARIADIC was enabled in which case it was

        int ioctl(int fd, int cmd, …); This form is now the form defined by opengroup and is also inline with Linux. Prior to this change there were issues with making ioctl calls on 64-bit arch since the implementation assumed that (void *) would be of size long. There is more discussion of this issue in the GitHub issue ticket here:


      • PR-962 PR-964 Add new interface sched_get_stackinfo that simplifies interfaces for things like TLS There are some security imposed rules for using this interface Any thread may query its own stack, A kernel thread may query the stack of any other thread Application threads, however, may query only the stacks of threads within the same task group, i.e., the main thread and any of the child pthreads created with the main thread as a parent or grandparent or great-grandparent.

      • PR-1104 Internal function fs_fsopen() no longer affects errno -
      • PR-1123 Move task_init() and task_activate() to be internal functions -
      • PR-1140 Add nxtask_uninit() interface This function will undo all operations on a TCB performed by task_init() and release the TCB by calling kmm_free(). This is intended primarily to support error recovery operations after a successful call to task_init() such was when a subsequent call to task_activate fails.
      • PR-1134 Add typedef for max_align_t
      • PR-1141 Handle custom stack allocations sched_releasetcb() will normally free the stack allocated for a task. However, a task with a custom, user-managed stack may be created using nxtask_init() followed by nxtask_activate(). If such a custom stack is used then it must not be freed in this manner or a crash will most likely result.

        This change adds a flag call TCB_FLAG_CUSTOM_STACK that may be passed in the the pre-allocated TCB to nxtask_init(). This flag is not used internally anywhere in the OS except that if set, it will prevent sched_releasetcb() from attempting to free that custom stack.

      • Bug Fixes:
        • Many private architecture interfaces were using ‘up_’ instead of the arch name ‘arm_’ This fix is carried over many PRs such as PR-924. Many files also carried this same error in naming convention and were converted as well.

        • PR-1018 PR-1017 PR-1021 PR-1022 PR-1057 PR-1060 PR-1194 Clean up internal APIs that were not using the properly naming conventions -
        • PR-857 Wrong value for it_interval field in timespec returned by timer_gettime - PR-902 SMP: On task creation do not clone uninitialized descriptors In SMP mode, there is a possibility that a pthread executing one CPU may create a new task while a pthread on another CPU has allocated the socket but not yet initialized it. This commit updates the socket clone test to assure that the socket is both allocated and initialized before it is cloned.
        • PR-911 Use OS signal functions internally to not reset errno that applications are using
        • PR-925 sys/stat.h Change the xtime fields to align with POSIX standard. Starting from Issue 7 of the POSIX standard the fields st_atime, st_mtime and st_ctime have a type of strcut timespec instead of time_t.
        • PR-939 openamp: Update to 2020.04.0 - PR-953 lib_vsprintf: Fix issue where stack would become corrupt on x86_64 This function requires traversing the VA_LIST twice. For some architectures like x86 and x86_64 this needs to be cloned first.
  • Major Changes to the Build System:

    Parts of the build system have been refactored to reduce duplication and simplify Makefile and Make.defs files across many directories. These changes are particularly beneficial for boards.

    Please note that if you develop your own custom boards, you may need to make some modifications to keep your board’s build scripts up-to-date with the rest of NuttX and avoid a broken or defective build. For details, see Compatibility Concerns, Changes to Build System, in these release notes.

    • New Features:
      • PR-894 openamp and libmetal can now be downloaded and configured by build system - PR-941 Remove ‘u’ prefix from userspace library in FLAT Build so it is the same for all build types - PR-1044 ARM: Remove support for old redundant gcc toolchains

        This removes support for the Codesourcery, Atollic, DevKitArm, Raisonance, and CodeRed toolchains. Not only are these tools old and no longer used but they are all equivalent to the standard ARM EABI toolchains. Retaining specific support was not meaningful (and they are still supported, but now just as generic EABI toolchains).

      • PR-1148 PR-1149 Improve build time especially on non-Linux platforms by providing a C version of incdir.sh

    • Bug Fixes: Many small changes to resolve dependency resolution issues that would sometimes appear during parallel builds. Parallel builds should be much more reliable now and bugs filed against any issues found.

      • PR-1000 Fix broken support of ZDS-II Toolchain with MSYS
  • Architectural Support:
    • New Architecture Support:
      • PR-879 ARMv8-M support - PR-1051 STM32G474 support

      • Initial architectural support for the STM32G474 family of microcontrollers. In terms of peripherals, currently there is basic support for the RCC and UART, allowing NuttX to boot to a functional NSH prompt on this family. Other peripherals on the SoC are not yet supported and/or not tested yet. Contributions to enable other peripherals are welcome. This adds support for these variants:

        STM32G474C STM32G474M STM32G474R STM32G474Q STM32G474V

    • Architectures With Significant Improvements:
      • PR-745 The full line of STM32H7 chips are now defined This adds support for these variants:

        STM32H743AG STM32H743AI STM32H743BG STM32H743BI STM32H743IG
        STM32H743II STM32H743VG STM32H743VI STM32H743XG STM32H743XI
        STM32H743ZG STM32H753AI STM32H753BI STM32H753VI STM32H753XI
      • PR-811 i486: Fix corruption of esp register on full context restore This resolves a long standing issue with running the x86 port under QEMU where it would crash shortly after boot.

      • PR-837 rx65n: Add crashdump support using standby RAM - PR-862 STM32L4: Expose LPTIM timers - PR-868 STM32L4: Extend clock options and power regulation for based on clock settings Interface to select the core regulator voltage according to clock frequency range Usage of this interface during clock configuration according to chosen clock frequency Option to choose a different system clock than the main PLL (there is HSI, MSI, HSE and LSE available to use) Option to not enable the main PLL which allows for reduced power usage when setting one of the above options as system clock, to do this you should define STM32L4_BOARD_NOPLL on your board header.
      • PR-960 STM32: Add support for ADC features EXTSEL and JEXTSEL
      • PR-1041 STM32H7: Improve IDMA transfer and cache handling This resolves an issue where the sdmmc driver crashes at boot when using writeback cache.

        This also simplifies the sdmmc driver when the IDMA is in use. There is no need to mix IDMA and interrupt based transfers; instead, when making unaligned data tranfers, just make IDMA into an internal aligned buffer and then copy the data. This method also enables multiblock transfers, and transfers from/to data buffers which are not aligned on cache boundary.

      • PR-1042 STM32H7: Resolve multiple limitations and bugs with progmem especailly for partial memory writes
      • PR-1045 STM32H7: This gives possibility to send arbitrary number of bytes from memory to peripheral using DMA also when using write-back cache It was not possible to DMA to/from AXI sram if CONFIG_STM32H7_DMACAPABLE=y When doing TX DMA (e.g. in SPI driver in simplex-tx mode), it should not be necessary to align the data buffers to the cache line.
      • PR-1103 STM32H7: Resolve clocking and pin configurations bugs that could cause SDMMC and ETH to fail in some configurations
      • PR-1104 STM32H7: Use UUID for Ethernet MAC. This is inline with the behaviour of STM32F7
      • PR-1110 STM32H7: Use FDCANSEL to determin FDCAN clock source if possible - PR-1165 STM32H7: SPI transaction appears to be completed before the data has actually been flushed TX DMA completes before the data has been actually sent out from the SPI fifo. This is expected, but the exchange should actually wait for spi tx to finish instead of dma to the fifo to finish. This replaces the dma completion event with the SPI TXC event for detecting end of transmission.

      • PR-1203 PR-1204 STM32H7: Enable support for BDMA and enable it for SPI6
      • PR-905 x86_64: Resolve linking issue when building with gcc 7 and 9.
      • PR-904 x86_64: Resolve compiler aliasing warnings and RNG pointer cast bug - PR-944 x86_64: Change entrypoint to standard location 1M
      • PR-971 x86_64: Fix bug in rng implementation using intrinsics
      • PR-973 x86_64: Fix crash on boot when XSAVE and SSE/AVX is enabled
      • PR-974 x86_64: Add support booting NuttX as a Jailhouse Cell
      • PR-919 sim: Add host mmap and perror to allow use of LIBC_MODLIB and BINFMT_LOADABLE
      • PR-1198 sim: Use correct errno sign with hostfs interface
      • PR-932 z16: Updated toolchain to ZDS-II 5.2.2
      • PR-970 K210: Add PLL support
      • PR-988 K210: Resolve occasional lock in early boot caused by waiting forserial driver to initialize
      • PR-1205 K210: Add basic GPIOHS support - PR-1112 tiva: Add up_idle support - PR-1116 NRF52832: Work around chip eratta for SPI Master 1 Byte transfer anomaly - PR-1130 imxrt: Resolve WFI issue by setting the low power mode to remain in run mode
      • PR-1197 cxd56: Fix locking issue in Spresense audio driver causes by using semaphore in DMA buffer handling code
      • PR-1221 Add INTx_C macro defintion
  • Driver Support:
    • Bug Fixes:
      • PR-1206 PR-1207 PR-1210 ioctl function should retun ENOTTY when the command is not recognized.
    • New Driver Support:
      • PR-795 PR-1001 Initial NuttX audio driver supporting the Spresense CXD56
      • PR-975 Support for HDC1008 temperature and humidity sensor
      • PR-1201 Support for the CS4344 stereo audio DAC
      • PR-1145 Support for the FTDI FT232R USB to Serial converter
      • PR-1052 gs2200m: Add max payload size to prevent crashing when sending large packets
      • PR-1090 gs2200m: Fix possible packet queue count overflow seen during streaming - PR-1127 gs2200m: Resolve possible buffer overrun in packet parsing - PR-1167 pty: Return correct number of bytes when CONFIG_SERIAL_TERMIOS and OPOST|ONLCR are enabled
    • Drivers With Significant Improvements:
      • PR-887 PR-888 rptun: Add control for independent control of rx and tx buffer size
      • PR-917 gs2200m: Receive performance improvement for TCP/UDP
      • PR-1032 gs2200m: Add SPI-DMA support to spresense
      • PR-1046 gs2200m: Add getsockname() support
      • PR-1094 PR-1163 gs2200m: Add flow control support to prevent memory starvation in changing network environments
      • PR-1101 gs2200m: Add WPA2-PSK AP mode support, this is now the default instead of WEP
      • PR-1115 SPI slave: Improve interface Enable enqueue and receive full buffers of data with single call, to avoid call overhead when sending / receiving large amounts of data. Enable the slave device to leave received data in the controller receive buffers and retrieve it from there by polling
      • PR-1196 Audio: Add support for using ap_buffer_info without CONFIG_AUDIO_DRIVER_SPECIFIC_BUFFERS and return ENOTTY if provided ioctl is not supported
      • PR-1222 audio/cxd56: Add audio buffering feature.
  • Board Support:
    • Significant Improvements:

      • PR-1200 The boards_button_initialize and boards_userled_initialize functions now return the number of buttons and leds, thus their prototypes have changed from: void board_button_initialize(void) void board_userled_initialize(void)


        uint32_t board_button_initialize(void) uint32_t board_userled_initialize(void).

    • New Board Support:
      • PR-1051 ST Micro B-G474E-DPOW1 Discovery Kit Initial support for the ST Micro B-G474E-DPOW1 Discovery Kit with STM32G474RE MCU. Currently there is basic support for booting NuttX to a functional NSH prompt. Other peripherals on the board are not yet supported or not tested yet. Contributions to enable other peripherals are welcome. The NSH prompt can be accessed from a host computer via a Virtual COM Port over the same Micro-USB Type B connection used for programming/debugging.
      • PR-1211 STM32F411-Minimum board (a.k.a. BlackPill) Initial support for the BlackPill board which is a low cost STM32F411 board. The current support boots NuttX to a functional NSH prompt.
    • Boards With Significant Improvements:
      • PR-949 qemu-intel64: Add nsh configuration for testing QEMU virtualization
      • PR-966 qemu-i486: Fix issue where console would not accept input because of wrong IRQ number
      • PR-993 stm32h747i-disco: Add support for FMC SDRAM - PR-1029 maix-bit: Add knsh configuration for testing Kernel mode under QEMU virtualization
      • PR-1056 stm32h747i-disco: Add support for FAT and SD Card via SDMMC
      • PR-1070 PR-1086 spresense: Add ftpd/ftpc and nxplayer to wifi and rndis configurations
      • PR-1084 imxrt1060-evk: Add dns client and renew command to netnsh configuration
      • PR-1113 lm3s6965ek: Use proper sysclock for QEMU configuration
      • PR-1229 Add support for the inboard joystick
      • PR-1232 Architectural re-organization to the initialization of the video stream driver to comply with other NuttX drivers
  • File System:
    • Bug Fixes:
      • PR-918 tmpfs: Calling statfs could cause files to be removed recursively - PR-1142 NFS: Use of uint64_t causes issues with gaps in data since it must be on a 8 byte boundary
      • PR-1143 Report correct stats for proxied block and MTD drivers
    • Significant Improvements:
      • PR-793 Allow use of genromfs to geneate ROMFS
      • PR-851 Upgrade littlefs to v2.2.1
      • PR-1154 FATFS: Do not rewrite the root directory if it has not been changed.
      • PR-1120 PR-1118 Fill in file size for mtd and block inode
  • Networking:
    • PR-807 Netlink: Broadcast link status changes to userspace via RTNLGRP_LINK
    • PR-892 Netdb: Multiple DNS Servers Adds capability to add multiple nameservers on run-time even when not using resolv.conf and reset the list of nameservers back to default setting (no nameserver at all or single predefined nameserver in Kconfig). This is useful for applications that change their cellular network frequently.
    • PR-1015 tcp/conn: Request ARP before 3-way handshake
  • Applications:
    • Improvements:
      • PR-185 PR-828 nshlib Add the source command. Avoid use of sh where it is not needed since it pollutes the parent environment including the working directory and variables.

      • PR-236 littlevgl: Add additional config mappings to the library
      • PR-264 nxplayer: Add max host and filename for http url
      • PR-260 nshlib: Add wget buffer size control with CONFIG_NSH_WGET_BUFF_SIZE
      • PR-243 dhcpd: Add ability for daemon to be cancelled
      • PR-238 Remove use the set_errno this is now properly handled by the libc and OS
      • PR-233 hdc1008: Add example application for this driver
    • Bug Fixes:
      • PR-282 netlib: Fix pathlen computation for netlib_parseurl and netlib_parsehttpurl
      • PR-281 webclient: Check return value of netlib_parseurl correctly
      • PR-278 webclient: Handle http/https redirection correctly
      • PR-277 webclient: Limit the number of http redirects
      • PR-198 webclient: Use getaddrinfo() to get IPv4 address on dual stack systems
      • PR-268 ftpd: Fix EPSV mode for IPv4
      • PR-258 nsh: Always try FILE_APPS even if the command is builtin, this is a regression introduced in 9.0.0
      • PR-257 gs2200m: Handle packets over 1500 Bytes, previously would overflow buffer
      • PR-221 gs2200m: Server sockets were not properly being released by the daemon when close was called
      • PR-248 dhcpd: Correct option header check length
      • PR-176 cu: Handle NULL character correctly
      • PR-287 PR-290 examples: Update nxflat and thttpd Makefile’s to fix a build breakage.